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 Rules to read before posting!

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PostSubject: Rules to read before posting!   Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:12 pm

1* No SMS language.

2* No insults.

3* Do not make double posts > The EDIT button is here for that.

4* Do not speak about Politic, Religion, etc...

5* Do not use any other color than the default one > color are reserved for the admins, moderators and band members!

6* The signature is allowed to be in size 400x80 pixels.
Color: Accepted if the color is readable.
Size: Smallest = Size 9. Biggest = Size 14.
Language: The language used on forum (finnish/english).
WITH image just 2 extra sentences. Without 4-5 depends of the size of the sentence.
Animation accept IF:
- Animation is not too fast.
- It don't bother the eyes.
- It respect the max 50kb.
The avatars are NOT allowed to be animated!

7* Maximum size of avatar is 100x100 (if necesserary I can modify a picture for you).

8* ONLY the band members are allowed to use their picture in the avatar (but you can use a composition if their is more than 1 member on it).

9* Do NOT quote the last answer except if you want put the attention, on a part of it.

10* Chain letters are NOT allowed!

11* Don´t ask band members of private things! (That kind of questions will be removed, and also asking private things by PM is not allowed)

Here is Excalion fan forums gmail: excalionff@gmail.com

Attention! Admins and moderators can take away your posting and other stuff without notification. And if they take away your avatar or siggy it mean it´s not by rules, so don´t put back same if it´s taken away. (this can put you for ban for some days or in worst cases ban for life)
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Rules to read before posting!
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